Ph.D. (Remote Sensing), Wageningen University, The Netherlands (2011 – 2015)

  • Dissertation Title: “Monitoring tropical forest dynamics using Landsat time series and community-based data” (available online)
  • Advisors: Prof. Dr. Martin Herold, Dr. Lammert Kooistra, Dr. Jan Verbesselt

M.Sc. (International Land and Water Management), Wageningen University, The Netherlands (2008 – 2010)

  • Major thesis title: “Monitoring the effects of hydrological restoration efforts in degraded tropical peatlands, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia” (available online)
  • Minor thesis title: “Developing a tool for carbon accounting through hydrological modeling in the Sebangau peatlands” (available online)
  • Advisors: Dr. Henk Wösten, Prof. Dr. Leo Stroosnijder

Honours B.Sc. (Biochemistry), University of Toronto, Canada (2001 – 2005)


Available here

Conference Presentations

Available here

Teaching Experience

Instructor, “Applied Geomatics” (2020) GEOG*4480, University of Guelph
Topics: group project, emerging themes in GIS and remote sensing

Instructor, “GIS and Spatial Analysis” (2020)
GEOG*3480, University of Guelph
Topics: vector and raster GIS, spatial models, spatial statistics, digital terrain analysis

Instructor, “Analysis in Geography” (2019)
GEOG*2460, University of Guelph
Topics: stastistical analysis for the natural and social sciences

Instructor, “Remote Sensing: Digital Processing and Analysis” (2018)
GEOG472, BSc in Geography, University of Maryland (course website)
Topics: remote sensing, cloud computing

Instructor, “Remote Sensing Instruments and Observations” (2017)
GEOG671, MSc/PhD in Geography, University of Maryland (course website)
Topics: optical and SAR remote sensing

Teaching Assistant, “Advanced Earth Observation” (2015)
GRS-32306, MSc in Geo-Information, Wageningen University (course website)
Topics: optical, SAR and LiDAR remote sensing

Instructor and Co-Developer, “Geoscripting” (2014)
GRS-33806, MSc in Geo-Information, Wageningen University (course materials)
Topics: geospatial data processing, R, python

Instructor, “Remote Sensing and GIS Integration” (2012-2014)
GRS-60312, MSc in Geo-Information, Wageningen University (course website)
Topics: remote sensing, time series, citizen science

Coordinator and Instructor, Forest change workshops (2011-2013)
Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, Bonga, Ethiopia
Topics: remote sensing, GIS, GPS, forest inventory

Coordinator and Instructor, Hydrologic modeling workshop (2010)
World Wildlife Fund, Palangkaraya, Indonesia (report)
Topics: hydrologic modeling, GIS

MSc Thesis Co-Supervisor (2012-2015)
Laboratory for Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing

Private Tutor (2003-2007)
Tutoring Alliance, Inc., Toronto, Canada

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor (07/2019 - present)

Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Guelph

Adjunct Assistant Professor (07/2019 - present)

Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland

Assistant Research Professor (07/2018 - 07/2019)

Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (02/2016 - 06/2018)

Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland

Research Consultant (06/2015 - 12/2015)

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Graduate Teaching Assistant (11/2013 - 06/2015)

Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Research Assistant (02/2011 - 11/2013)

Wageningen University, The Netherlands and Ethiopia

Regional Disaster Response Coordinator (03/2007 - 09/2008)

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), Eastern and Southern Africa

Private Tutor (09/2002 - 03/2007)

Tutoring Alliance Incorporated, Toronto, Canada


  • ad hoc reviewer for: Nature, Remote Sensing of Environment, Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing of Ecology and Conservation, Science of the Total Environment, Ecology and Society, Ecological Informatics
  • Session Co-convener, “Multi-source remote sensing of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands”, American Geophysical Union, December 2018
  • Member of the Diversity Task Force at the Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland (2017 - present)
  • Invited speaker at SilvaCarbon training workshop on forest change methods – November 2015, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Coordinated and co-led workshop for the preparation of a REDD+ MRV Road Map in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – November 2012

Spoken Languages

  • English: native language
  • Dutch: full professional proficiency
  • French: limited working proficiency

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